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Laundry Room Wasted Energy

SAVE ENERGY... Lower your GAS bill by $25.00 per month!
Find out how much your Dryer Costs to Operate!

Washing machine

Run only full loads in your washing machine to avoid wasting hot water. For additional savings, wash clothes in cold water when possible, and don't wash on the longest setting unless necessary.


  1. Dry loads one after another to keep the dryer from having to heat up more than necessary.

  2. Regularly clean the air vent leading from your dryer to outside as well as the lint screen to maintain efficiency.

  3. Durable and dependable, natural gas dryers are less expensive to operate than electric dryers. With natural gas, you can dry 2 and-a-half loads of laundry for the same amount of money as 1 load in an electric dryer. Natural gas dryers are available in all styles and sizes to fit the needs of your family and utility room requirements.


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